Dare To Be Different - Be You . . .
Dare to be you!

Truly, God has created each one of us as "unique" individuals. No one's castle should look alike! Do you agree? When entering someone's castle, you should immediately see the reflection of the Queen of the Castle! If you buy what you truly love, you will not get bored with it. Upon entering your castle, take a seat and look at your surroundings and say, "Oh, this is the most beautiful place in the world, I love it" Can you say that? If not, your home which is "your castle" is not reflecting you. You, as in King & Queen of the castle! Your home should reflect you, not your best friend or neighbor! I hear much to often from customers, "Wow, I absolutely love this piece; however, what would my friends say, I will have to ask them first." No, no, no ! Ask yourself, do I love this?

Remember, Dare to be You!
Now let Decorate Ornate help you.

Mantel - Green Tin Mirror - Music Lamp, etc. l

Get ready for the Christmas parties - We are.....

Just Arrived - window with stain glass

Beautiful Hand-Painted Chest
Great for entrance; Dining Room; Bathroom, etc. Black Marble Top

Large Urn - Inside or Outside

Sail Away With Me!
Kaitlyn Paige sailing away in the 1800s era Gondala - Must See!

Door from early 1800s era - This door came from an
India Temple which was destroy in the earth quake.
Thank God the beautiful door was spared... It's absolutely gorgeous!
The carvings are very detailed! A must see!

Stephani in Paris, France
My daughter, Naiches and I, arrived in Paris
after being in Italy a week. After spending
some time in Paris, we were off to the markets!

Green Antqiue Buffet - 1800s era

Stephani and Naiches - Italy - Do you see the paint on the buildings?
Well, that is the original paint that we Americans are trying to get
on our own walls! We call it - Faux Painting -- I love Italy ............