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Decorate Ornate presents another fabulous "Small Group"
tour of Italy! We travel in our own Mercedes-Benz coach
with Stephanie leading the way! It's absolutely "Magical"
as we go "off the tourist" paths and see things only read about
in fairy-tale story books!

Enjoy the "Small Group" Adventure
Call Decorate Ornate Store - 903.845.2519

If you want your "own" group, family, church
girlfriends, cooking in Tuscany, honeymoon, war history
call Stephanie - 903.845.2519

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Loaded up and heading to East Texas?

Stephani in Rome, Italy enjoying two - Oh so good!

I love the Art - Italy

Stephani - Pisa, Italy - So much fun!

Stephani & Luciano in boat - (my dear friend born and raised in Rome, Italy)
Leaving Venice, Italy to Burano

Tony & Stefania - the Lips!

On our way to find Frances Mayes' house
(Under the Tuscan Sun
was filmed at her house
and is located at the top of Cortona, Italy village.
These nice Italians were so surprised to see our bus
driving up the narrow road to find her house!


Do you remember the old man in the movie that put flowers in here everyday?
"Under the Tuscan Sun" - Must see the movie!


Jacque Gibbs & Stephani take a few minutes out of their shopping in AnaCapri, Italy, to grab a bite! You can see the expressions on the little lady & husband,
as they wonder what planet we just arrive from..
Yes, the rain came down a little hard, but that's
NO stopping us from shopping and having a blast..

We are in Sorrento,Italy - home of the HUGE Lemons

Stephani in Sicily - June 2008 - Marionette Show

A great find at the Rome, Italy market this morning!

Rome, Italy - My dear friend who paints for Decorate Ornate!

Stephani talking to a local resident - Positano, Italy

Anthe Caruso & Stephani in Positano, Italy - WOW so Gorgeous!

South Italy - so Gorgeous... Come go with us for the Sept. & May Tours


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Wow, George from Carthage & Brian meeting us from Iraq to enjoy a little family time

Italy - Guess where? Only reveiled on Decorate Ornate Tours! This medieval village was a HUGE surprise for all of Stephani's passengers.. There are only ten (10) residents living in the medieval village way upon the mountain.. AND, the only way to get there is by: Donkey, Walking, or Motorbike... Guess what we did?

Yes, we are going to WALK up this very medieval bridge! We can do it...

Only ten residents living on the top village... We are going up....

After finally getting to the village, we heard this female Italian voice calling for help. In Italian she was saying, "Please let me out" Someone had turned the skeleton key that was left in her door on the outside! Yes, she was locked inside her own house! We turned the key and out came this 91 yr. old Italian lady... She has never been out of her village in 91 yrs! Being so happy and excited to see us, she insisted on bringing out her two chairs for us!


Come on LaDonna & Paul - you are nearly to the top!

Wow, we made it to the village, and we are going WILD looking around and running from house to house, and there is a big basilica here too!
Stefania boarding their private boat to see the gorgeous
Italian Riveria, which is North Italy - June 2009

Come on gang, you are going to be "speechless"



Stefania in gorgeous Portovenere, Italy 2009
Stefania in a new Italia car - the length
of a motorcycle!




Oh how beautiful, looking out my window in Umbria....

For years now, we've driven by this huge castle of a world resting way up high
on a hill, candles flickering through the windows, and looking as though it would
be the perfect "scary movie" setting of all time.. On our last tour, just two weeks ago,
Nino, my driver, by the instructions of Tony, drove up to the medieval gate, locked and bolted
as usual. Before I could say, "what are we doing, Oh Nino, you're letting me get a better photo
of my dream place to enter!" Before those words fell from my mouth, a young Italian man
drove up beside us, and motioned to Tony, before walking towards these bolted gates,
inserting a huge skeleton key into the oversized lock. My eyes widened and before I
screamed with excitement, Tony said, "Stefania my dear, it's time you visit the sec of Monks
hidden from society for hundreds of years!" My group grabbed their hearts as we slowly moved
upwards toward the huge city of a castle with a lingering sense of holiness hovering all around us!
We had the whole castle to ourselves, except for the hidding Monks, because you see, they do not
have any contact with the outside world!
Behind these walls we look upon the Monk's
own private Basilica "dripping in gold" - High Alter and wood-carved choir seats with the most
gorgeous carved Angel Heads, not to mention marble, and precious stones surrounding us from every angle.
It even had it's own cemetery marked with the Monks who had passed on to enternity.
After hours passing by like minutes, we were summons by Tony, who was waiting with Nino
outside, to come now, for it's time to dine with the Count! As we walked away in holy awe of not
believing what we really just looked upon, we all wiped our eyes as the tears streamed down our face.

Shipping the "Horse" back to the USA..
Jesse & Gloria Ruiz - You guys are special, Love you, Stefania
Jesse played the guitar in Southern Italy at Riccardo's house &
sang the most beautiful songs! Thank you Jesse & Gloria, Italy 09
Our view from the top of this village in Tuscany
Can you imagine looking over your backyard fence, at this view?" pix55P22.jpg
Jeese Ruiz singing and playing in Italy for us!
Connie, Stefania, & Gloria - Italy 09
Southern Italy = Stefania & Lemons


We are sailing the gorgeous CinqueTerre, the Riveria of Italy
Arriving in the village, Caltagirone, Sicily... home of the
ceramics, Majolica... Come on and see!
Valley of the Temples - Sicily
Long generations of family members making ceramics.. He's
making a Lemon out of clay within seconds!
He is making me for the store, gorgeous Moorish Urns!


Lana Niemann of Rocket Reality, Gladewater, TX,
has endorsed your work as Owner at Decorate Ornate
Dear Stefania,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other
Recommendation: "If you have not been to Decorate Ornate in Gladewater,
you are missing an absolute "Hidden Treasure". I was out one evening window shopping
not expecting to find much, when I step into Stephanie's store. Immediately I was struck by the
atmosphere of being somewhere else. I was warmly greeted by a beautiful woman that looked as
exotic as her store. I don't even remember what she said, because I was so enthralled with the unexpected
and unusual items surrounding me. Treasures from all over the world. Rare and antique furniture, castle
doors, Art from Italy, so many things!!! After 2 hours of looking and just absorbing everything,
Stephanie tells me about the 2 tour trips a year she takes to Italy. Of course I signed up. I went
in May to Rome, Venice, Florence, Amalfi and Tuscany, just to name a few, and had the most
amazing journey through time. The trip was first class from the moment we landed to when we
left. I would recommend this to anyone, but especially to those of you who, like me, are afraid to
travel outside the US or alone. Stephanie and her Italian Family will not let you have anything
but an absolute fantastic time filled with so many wonderful memories and unexpected surprises,
such as meeting and being fitted by a famous designer, dancing with a Count, staying at a castle,
walking the cobblestones streets with monks. One caution I must make is, YOU WILL want to go
back !!! I did go back again in September, this time to Sicily. I not only gained these precious memories
and experiences, but a new found wonderful friend who I treasure the most. You never know where you
will find a "Hidden Treasure" , but one place for sure is Decorate Ornate.!"

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

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