Let's Go to Italy Together

Stephani takes TWO (2) Tour Groups every year to Italy

Stephani - Parma, Italy - finding so many fabulous things

Stephani in Venice, Italy

I love the beautiful Blackamoors!

come see the one here in the store
Ginger & Stephani enjoying another Gelato
Stephani & Anthe enjoying Positano, Italy
Where is Stephani? Shopping, of course!
Stephani talking to old friends in Positano, Italy
We are in our motor-coach driving in South Italy
Come go with us, Stefania takes two groups every year!
Look to the (right)those are GRAPES growing
Stefania and her Americana group are in their "own" private boat!
out in the gorgeous Mediterranean - South Italy
Look at the castles down by the water, & grapes growing
above the white houses
Stefania is taking the photo of gorgeous Positano, Italy
Do you see the "Decorate Ornate" sign to the right on the
white fence? And, the three walking are Americana with
Guess where we are now? Anthe, look at the camera!
This is the gorgeous Basicila of Saint Andrew
We are in Amalfa - South Italy - Saint Andrew
rests in peace inside this gorgeous basilica
Bruno & Tony - Naples, Italy
Tony and Bruno are Stefania's extended family
Tony goes everywhere with Stefania on "their" tours
Tony is born and raised in Sicily & now lives in
bella, bella Tuscany!
Stefania's FAVORITE place - Assisi, Italy
Final Resting place of St. Francis of Assisi
If you are with Tony & Stefania, then you will be
staying just up the little narrow cobble-stone street to the left.
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Don't put off today, your life-time dream, for tomorrow may never come..
George from Chandler, TX
"Wow, what words can described this village," per George
Just another "magical" place in Italy with Stefania & Tony

Let's Go to Italy Together!
Trust me, it's a "fairy-tale Journey
with Tony and Stefania leading the way!
Wow, my sign is still here!
One of the locals here in Tuscany, placed Stefania's sign here
four months ago!

Come on, what are you waiting on? Let's Go to Italy Together!
Call Stefania NOW, she only takes a small group!
Wow, this photo was taken my Stefania from her window in Tuscany
Stefania is with them somewhere!

Come celebrate with them in Italy!
Stephani - having a good time in Tuscany
Are you in a Cave?
Area is roped off, high security,& only officials inside secured area
Hurry up with the Olive branches!
Smile Stefania, you are on Italia television

What a fabulous day, here in Italy
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Tony & Stefania
Stefania leading the way to Venice, Italy
"Everyone look ahead, the famous ___ bridge - Venice, Italy"
Venice, Italy - Stefania, Kim Kay & Jacque Gibbs

In front of Saint Mark's Basilica
Saint Mark is "resting in peace" inside this gorgeous basilica
Sicily June 2008 - Stefania
Stefania - Erice Sicily
Meet Maria, a story of God's grace The medieval village in Sicily, called Erice, is absolutely fairy-tale all the way! Tony & Stephani took everyone to this magical village, Erice, & met Tony's friend, Maria After an American lady, Mary Taylor Simeti, a best seller author, moved to Sicily, and discovered Maria, she recorded Maria's story and wrote Maria's painful childhood, which is now published, Bitter Almonds. Read the Book Reviews An American writer living in Sicily sympathetically captures a Sicilian woman’s recollections of her childhood in an orphanage, complete with recipes. After a few pages describing Sicily’s impoverished west coast, tracing the history of its pastries, and explaining how she met her subject, Mary Taylor Simeti (Travels with a Medieval Queen, 2001) draws on taped interviews to let Maria Grammatico speak for herself, with an occasional interpolation. When Maria’s father died suddenly from a heart attack in 1952, her mother, pregnant with a sixth child, was unable to support the family on their small farm near Erice. So 11-year-old Maria and her younger sister were sent to a local orphanage, the San Carlo,in Erice, run by nuns who earned money making and selling regional delicacies. pix30P23.jpg
Loretta Ward, Stefania, Maria, & Becky Clark
Maria can't speak English, only Sicilian
I wish you could see how far we are up in the clouds
Erice is a fairy-tale village, it unbelievable!


Lana Niemann - Sicily June 08
Sicily - Valley of the Temples
This is a burial cemetery in the Valley of the Temples
Tony & Stefania - entertaining us!
Tony, Stephani & Jacque Gibbs
Tony and family in for the month of November
Castle in Sicily - no one is living there! All alone..
We are driving passed this castle; we're on our way to a dear friend's castle for an afternoon in the cherry & grape vineyard
Sicily will take your breath away! Tony was born & raised in Sicly.. We're in for a magical adventure, just hold on tight!
We're in Sicily - Everyone has Moorish Head Urns
Adorable house updated a bit!
Sicily * Famous Marionette maker
I'm taking this one home to USA!

Let me know if you want to see more photos, I have thousands!

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