About Me

No, this is not me!
However, could there be a resemblance?
This is "Botero" art

I'm Stephanie Chance, and Decorate Ornate was started in early 2000 in downtown Gladewater, Texas. Gladewater is well known as the "Antique Capital of East Texas."

At an early age, I constantly decorated and redecorated my room and any one else's that would let me! Fast forward a few years, I received a degree in the study of law and worked sixteen years as a paralegal

Fast forward to the present, and you'll see how far a lot of work and imagination can go toward making wishes come true. I loved and enjoyed my life as a paralegal, but felt as though I had to hurry to make room for phase two of my life, which is doing what I love so much "interior design."

Each day, brings new friends, and in return, I get to help them turn their home into "their Castle" God has created each one as "unique individuals" and each home should reflect who you are! A home should be your castle, and upon arrival, you should truly feel as though you've entered into the most beautiful castle of all!

Whatever design that may be, it's up to you to create "your castle" now let Decorate Ornate help you.

Call Stephani at (903) 845-2519
Closed on Mondays

HELLO, I'm Stephani ! I just arrived home from Italy!
This picture was taken at close range, to say the least, in my room overlooking the Italian Riveria!

I take small tours to Italy Spring & Fall every year!
We go to the most enchanting places....

Stephani - Taken by "Sunshine Photography" for
"Home Decor Retail Buyer Magazine",
International Magazine out of New York City.
Decorate Ornate was featured in the January 2005 Issue"

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